The Confused Astronomers of Babylon


The Confused Astronomers of Babylon is a comic, fictional account of Moses in Babylon

Moses and the Apple Merchants of Babylon - in which Moe the apple merchant attempts an ecumenical solution to what he thinks of as unfair competition from Persia and India. - Free Trade - Olive Branches & Holy Mountains - Ra

 Eastern Gods - in which Moe is enraged by the theological tactics of the Hindu merchant next door

❧ Golden Calves - in which Moe sees his foreign competition as the worm in the apple and as the snake in the garden, and in which Moe thinks of writing a longer story that could rival the tales of Gilgamesh and Shamash.  - Apple Tarts & Klepto Snakes - The Saga of Shamash

❧ The Holy Bin - in which Moe has a literary vision that could provide his people with a clear path, a reliable and omnipotent God, and an alternative to the grim afterlife visions of his fellow Mesopotamians.  - Author! Author! - A Better Way - Alternatives on Offer

❧ Final Judgments - in which Moe grudgingly admires the afterlife of the Egyptians — yet not their many gods.  - Swapping the Euphrates for the Nile - One God to Rule Them All

 Aziz & the Crimson Goblet - in which Moe finally arrives at a beginning, yet finds it impossible to say what he means.  - He Is What He Is - He Did What He Did

❧ The Confused Astronomers of Babylon 1 - in which Moe does battle with slippery plates and diabolical sixes.  - Flying Plates - Base sixes

❧ The Confused Astronomers of Babylon 2 - in which Moe attempts to straighten out the chaos of Creation and solve the mathematical puzzle of The Trinity.  - Theogony - 3 = 1 - Snakes and More Snakes - The Fiery Pit

❧ In the Beginning - in which Moe refines his notion about the One True God who supersedes everything, and in which Moe expresses his certainty that no one will ever mistake his poetry for history.  - Before There Was Anything - Of Dust, Clay, & Silk

❧ Adam and the Snake - in which Moe tries to cope with his senile grandfather, who believes he's the first man ever born and who blames everything on his cheating snake of a father-in-law.  - Primus Inter Homines - Semjaza the Snake

 The Journey West - in which Moe completes his epic and shows it to his uncle Abe. - Imaginary Forebears - The Lost Tablets of Ramses II - Honest Abe