The Priest’s Dilemma

Table of Contents

The Priest's Dilemma is a fictional account of a Parisian priest's struggle with the facts of science and history — in particular, the discoveries of evolution and cuneiform in the 1850s. 

❧  Rivers of God introduces Jean-Luc, a Parisian priest who has reservations about the slow pace of change in the Catholic Church. It also outlines the theological problems Jean-Luc wants to face head on.   -  Presbyteros.  -  L'Écriture Sainte  -  La Géographie

❧ Pinpoints of Light explores Jean-Luc's sense that the Medieval Christian view of a Creation and a single Holy Text is incompatible with the findings of astronomy, geology, history, and Assyriology. 

❧ The Golden Triangle outlines the threats to Jean-Luc's religion posed by 1) Darwin's theory of evolution, and 2) the decipherment of early Mesopotamian texts -- both of which occur in England in the 1850s.  -  Les Anglais  -  Threat # 1  -  Threat # 2  -  The Precambrian Crust

❧ Nineveh explores Jean-Luc's fear that Mesopotamian timelines critically disrupt Biblical timelines, and that the 'Good News' of Babylon's defeat was announced prematurely.  -  Dates  -  612 BC  

❧ Que Sais-je? focuses on Jean-Luc's struggle to separate the supremacy of the Abrahamic tradition from belief in God, love, redemption, and mercy.  -  What We Knew  -  What He Knew  -  Eucharistia  

❧ Priest & Pastor explores the meaning of the Eucharist in terms of Catholic engagement versus Protestant detachment.  -  Bread & Wine  -  In Switzerland  -  Highland Dream  -  Champs-Élysées