The Pulse

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The Pulse is a story — in progress — about the danger of talking to intergalactic strangers. It contains different layers and styles, and explores changes in perception and belief. Its settings range from realistic and science-fictional to mythic and fantastic.

Because of its rather sprawling design, I’ve provided 1) a brief table of contents with symbols identifying chapter locations, 2) maps, 3) a list of characters (by location), and 4) a detailed Table of Contents with brief plot points for each chapter. While the basic structure of the novel isn’t likely to change much, I’m still in the process of writing the second half, which occasionally requires some reworking of the previous chapters.

^ Paris - ^^ Italy - ❧ British Columbia - ❧❧ Alberta

* Lactar8 - ** Baulis Prime - *** Fallar Ultima - **** Vicino Lontano - ***** The Soul Star


Part One

^ The Actress - ^ Equations - * On Lactar8 - ❧ Dinner Guests from Baulis Prime - ❧ On Becoming Human - ❧❧ *** Fairy Tales - ❧❧ Quest - ***** The Hidden Star - ^^ Di Parma - ❧❧ Seduction - ** The Ascendancy of Baulis Prime - ^ The Academic - ** Fractal Masters & Fractal MysticsProbabilities  

Part Two

^^ Di Firenze - ❧❧ And Carbunkle His Eyes - ❧ The Stories They Told Themselves - ^ Lestatique - ❧❧ Mirror, Mirror - ❧ At Sea - ^^ The Outskirts of Rome - ❧ Still Waters - ❧❧ Prester John - ^^ Times New Roman  - ^ Madame Dupont - ❧❧ On Becoming Alien - ^ All Shook Up - ❧❧ Güsfreude - ❧ Virus - ^^ Di Roma - ❧ Alien Extraction - ❧ Total Collapse 

Part Three

In the New Beginning - ^ Les Mouches - ❧ En Route to the Old Cafe - **** The Anunnaki - ❧ At First Sight - ❧ Screen Time - ^ First Contact - *** The Condensation of Demon Saints - ❧ Dear Matthew - ***** The Soul Star - ❧ ^ Au Bord de la Seine - ^ Rivers of God - ***** The Crazy Diamond - ^ Pinpoints of Light - *** Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Alive - ❧❧***** The Ties That Bind - ^^ In the Field of Flowers —- In Progress —-


The Cosmos - The Black Pulse - Baulis Major - Baulopolis & Baulis Prime - B.C. & Alberta

The Cosmos

In the novel there are 12 universes in our 4-dimensional cosmos, yet it isn’t clear that our cosmos is the only one that exists. The Purple Pulse and The Black Pulse universes are the most ancient universes and are also the furthest apart. The Soul Star is estimated to exist in the centre of the cosmos.

cosmos 1.jpeg

The Black Pulse Universe

fallar grab.jpeg

The Binary Galaxy of Baulis Major

bm grab 7.jpeg

Baulopolis & Baulis Prime

baulis map 1 with sea.jpg

B.C. & Alberta

bc alta map cropped.jpeg


^ Paris

Kenneth - an Oxford scholar lecturing at the Collège de France in the Latin Quarter

Martine - a doctoral student and ex-actress

Madame Dupont - a widow, previously married to Conrad, an English scholar from Oxford

Balazan - a Baulian integration specialist who helps orient Madame Dupont

Jean-Luc - a priest Matthew writes about to illustrate human struggle with religion

^^ Italy

Lucia - an art student from Parma who moves to Firenze; she takes a Roman holiday during which she makes contact with Vicino Prime

Sandra - a Canadian who studies in Geneva and shares Lucia’s experience in Rome

❧ British Columbia

Berry - a UBC student who was born on Earth yet was “infracted’ at age 13 to become a Baulian

Juniper - Berry’s girlfriend at UBC

Matthew - a writer

Beelzebannur - a Baulian integration specialist who helps orient Matthew

❧❧ Alberta

Antonio - the devil from The Black Pulse who seduces Beatrice

Beatrice - the belle of the prairies, duped by the cosmopolitan image of Antonio

Prester John - a priest in the town of Vulcan

Güsfreude - Beatrice’s grandmother, living in Eden Valley (south-west of Calgary)

* Lactar8

K - the elderly Lactari who first sees evidence of alien life

Glontar - a rebel who writes disturbing stories about alien life forms

** Baulopolis

Rablanar - a Fractal Mystic who warns the Fractal Masters about their vulnerability

*** Fallar Prime

Farenn of Caldemar - a philosopher whose counsel is sought by the eleven demon saints of the Black Horde

The Black Horde - demon saints; the most powerful beings in the Black Pulse

**** Vicino Lontano

The Anunnaki - named after the group of Mesopotamian gods; the most powerful beings in the Purple Pulse

Contents with Brief Plot Points

Part One

^ The Actress - Martine, a Parisienne actress and intellectual, tells her story about ESP to Kenneth, a lecturer at the Latin Quarter’s Collège de France

Equations - Kenneth ponders the believability of Martine's story

* On Lactar8 - K, an elderly Lactari astronomer, tries to figure out the meaning of two terrestrial images - Lady Madonna - The Cultists of Lacter27

Dinner Guests from Baulis Prime - Berry wonders what the neighbours would think if they knew he was a baulomorph - Roots - Soil - Light

On Becoming Human - Berry confesses a soft spot for humans - Mammary Glands - Natural Selection

❧❧*** Fairy Tales - Antonio hatches a plot to avenge himself on his father - Summerland, BC, 1967 - Fallar Ultima - The Brothers from Göttingen - Vulcan, Alberta, 1999

❧❧ Quest - Antonio searches far and wide for the perfect woman - Black Diamond, 2007

***** The Hidden Star - astronomers from all over the cosmos attempt to fix the exact location of the Soul Star within the Corona Borealis Void

^^ Di Parma - Lucia, an art student in Parma, goes to a cafe on her day off

❧❧ Seduction - Antonio slithers his way into the heart of Beatrice - Vulcan, 1999

** The Ascendancy of Baulis Prime - a brief history of the Baulian species and the Baulian Empire - Time & Place - The Great Temple - History

The Academic - Martine's Ph.D. thesis is unnervingly intertwined with her own life

** Fractal Masters & Fractal Mystics - Rabralar (a Fractal Mystic on Baulis Prime) comes up with a frightening possibility

Probabilities - Kenneth ponders probability while waiting for Martine to join him for lunch 

Part Two

^^ Di Firenze - Lucia suffers from a rare condition - Ganglia - Fra Sole - Febbre Fiorentina

❧❧ And Carbunkle His Eyes - Vulcan, 1999

The Stories They Told Themselves - Berry ponders the solipsistic oddity of the human brain

Lestatique - Over lunch, Kenneth mocks Martine's ex by creating an anime scenario involving a student called Akiko and a devil called Lestat

❧❧ Mirror, Mirror - Antonio makes good use of the evil queen’s looking-glass - Vulcan, 1999

❧**** At Sea - The Bright Shore - The Book of Fractals - The Religion of Art

^^ The Outskirts of Rome - Sandra, a Canadian student studying in Geneva, spends some time in Rome - Campo de' Fiori - Le Differenze - The Gypsy - Mei-lin - Zigana

Still Waters

❧❧ Prester John - Antonio carries on with his evil plans, while Matthew mocks the local priest - Vulcan, 1999

^^ Times New Roman - On holiday in Rome, Matthew wonders about the future of writing - Uno - Due - Tre 

Madame Dupont - an elderly French widow returns to the Collège de France, where she met her husband

❧❧ On Becoming Alien - Pester John’s religion becomes suspiciously close to science fiction -Vulcan, 1999

All Shook Up - Kenneth gives a lecture at the Collège de France: Akiko encounters the Devil - Kenneth confronts the inevitable - On the Podium - Akiko & the Devil - Off the Pedestal

❧❧ Güsfreude - Güsfreude’s philosophy influences her grand-daughter Beatrice - Vulcan, 1999 - Oneiricana - The Holy Grimmble - Eden Valley, 1997

Virus - Berry thinks about why humans are stuck in their limited perspectives

^^ Di Roma - Lucia and her boyfriend stroll from Piazza Navona to the Pantheon - Avoidance - The Pantheon

Alien Extraction - Berry admits to feeling conflicted about humans - Virus - Coronary Issues

Total Collapse - Life on Earth takes a new direction - Frame by Frame - An Elusive Metaphor

Part Three

In the New Beginning - Berry finds a way to live a double life - The Common Good - The 7% Solution -

^ Les Mouches - Madame Dupont finds herself on the banks of the Seine - Ultralight Beam - Le Pont Notre-Dame

En Route to the Old Cafe - Berry contemplates his next move

**** The Anunnaki - Lucia and Sandra find themselves far from home - On Vicino Prime - Under the Dome - Connection

^ At First Sight - Madame Dupont walks through the deserted streets to the Cathedral of Notre-Dame

Screen Time - Matthew realizes that he didn’t have the poetic death he imagined

^ First Contact - Madame Dupont meets the new master race

*** The Condensation of Demon Saints - Farenn gives counsel to the Demon Saints of the Black Horde - The Sacred River - Farenn of Caldemar - Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Alive

Dear Matthew - Matthew receives information about his new life

***** The Soul Star - Madame Dupont goes to a novel reunion

^ Au Bord de la Seine - Matthew reads about the design of Paris 2.7

^ Rivers of God - Jean-Luc has reservations about the slow pace of change in the Catholic Church -  Presbyteros -  L'Écriture Sainte - La Géographie

***** The Crazy Diamond - cosmographers speculate on the nature of the Soul Star

^ Pinpoints of Light - Jean-Luc tries to reconcile the Christian timeline with astronomy, geology, history, and Assyriology

*** Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Alive - Farenn gives oblique counsel to the Black Horde

❧❧***** The Ties That Bind - Güsfreude wonders how she can help Beatrice escape the clutches of Antonio - Güsfreude’s Awakening - Vulcan, 2000

^^ In the Field of Flowers - Introductions - The Convocation of Trunks

— in progress —