Short Stories: Contents

Gelatti is a very short story about writing, iphones, and ice-cream

Differences is about a Canadian student who studies in Geneva and takes a brief holiday in Rome

The Visions of Lucia is about the experience of celstial art — 1. Parma - 2. Florence - 3. Rome

The Italian Who Was at a Loss for Words is a long short story set in Palermo, and explores the obsessions of a geologist, a student, and a visiting professor — 1. Pietro Parlante - 2. Claudia - 3. Clark Kent - 4. Vita la Dolce

The Wine-Dark Sea alternates between romance in Manhattan and a family holiday in Florida. Reworking the Greek tragedy Medea, it explores decadence & decency, betrayal & loyalty: 1. Jason - 2. Medea

Proust in the Morning is about billable hours and transexuality 

Cloud Illusions is about sex, drugs, illusions, and rock and roll

The Girl Who is about spunky girls and butterflies

Triptych of Doom focuses on the minutes before aliens wipe out humanity

The Madonna of Lactar8 follows a discovery of celestial art made by an alien