The Flight of Nazguls

(written during The Bush Years and the Invasion of Iraq)

Unpacking of the head of the Statue of Liberty, which was delivered on June 17, 1885. From Wikipedia.

Unpacking of the head of the Statue of Liberty, which was delivered on June 17, 1885. From Wikipedia.


La Vieille Dame

I've seen her stranded as the harbour waters lap beneath her metal skirt, and I've heard her cry silently in the night.

Her crown, like antennae, buzzes with news of Super Hornet and drone.

So many forms of mechanized death.

Is it for this that she opened her arms to the world? 



We should help each other the best we can
For it's a very short and very confusing journey
From cradle to grave

There are so many signs that tell us what we are
Where we come from
And where we're going
Yet they swirl
And change direction every decade
Until at last we come full circle
In diapers and in tears
Not knowing what we were

We should help each other the best we can
For it's a very short and very confusing journey
From cradle to grave



Chainey Responds By Firing Shots in All Directions

-- Nov. 5, 2004

Reuters—Seattle DiP. A recent study, published in the Los Angeles Pines, and widely quoted on the BOX and CON networks, found that the small nation of Khazaamistan has allied itself with both the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. 95 percent of those surveyed found that the President of Khazaamistan, Mullah Omar Muhammad al-Jihad has supported and continues to support, terrorist strikes across the border into northern Iraq.

The finding has greatly disturbed White House policy-makers because Khazaamistan, like Waziristan in Pakistan's North-West Frontier Province, is believed to contain a very high percentage of radical Muslim terrorists. Many respondents put the percentage as high as 100. Statistical analysis was, however, more divided (which reporters explained is perfectly normal in a population encouraged to have their own independent views): 50% found Khazaamistanis to be 100% Sunni, while 50% found them to be 100% Shi'ite. Many respondents felt that there’s also a distinct possibility that Khazaamistanis are divided equally among Sunnis and Shi'ites, making a civil war 100% inevitable.

Exactly how the Khazaamistanis think, and why they prefer their own harsh way of life to the superior concepts of democracy and freedom, remained a puzzle to the bulk of respondents, as it did to key White House analysts. This uncertainty, referred to as "factor KHZ" in the study, was quoted by over 60% of those polled as being the principle reason the administration was forced to resort to carpet bombing rather than endless and pointless UN verification procedures and red tape.

Overall, 10% of respondents were "somewhat opposed" to the policy of bombing before consultation, although three quarters of these conceded that "there was regrettably no other option." The other 90% suggested that the policy adopted toward the Japanese in 1945 would speed up the democratization process. Given Khazaamistan's purported proximity to Teheran, Donald Dumsfeld felt it’s imperative to decide quickly between these two options, reiterating that we do not have time to debate this question endlessly, and that we should avoid the "endless and pointless UN verification procedures and red tape."

The massive survey, considered accurate within 2-3 percentage points, presented a further problem for Washington strategists. First, the shadowy nature of the Khazaamistani hardline regime rendered it almost impossible to locate. Hidden in remote mountain valleys and caves, even the slightest evidence of training camps, madrasas, or shady bazaar transactions tended to vanish like blue smoke from Aladdin's lamp. The shrinking, cowardly nature of the adversary will not, however, deter the U.S. military from taking action. A hefty 97% of respondents agreed that in the absence of "superfluous data" one must pre-empt terrorist threats "to ensure the safety of ordinary Americans."

The survey, comprised of 50 questions distributed in over 40 states, is so thorough that it’s now considered factual by top Bush advisors, and will be used as a cornerstone in advancing key American interests in the region. Indeed, 98% of respondents said that despite uncertainty as to where Khazaamistanis are located, or where they came from, Congress is "strongly urged" to earmark another 75 billion dollars toward military spending. This, defence experts assure us, will go a long way in stopping the ancient terrorist state of Khazaamistan from destroying the very principles of free thought and inquiry upon which our way of life is built.

In a footnote to the study, 90% of respondents felt they knew as much—and 10% felt they knew more—than they needed to. The majority felt that it was no longer necessary to rely on old-fashioned sources of information, such as atlases or encyclopedias, now that they had more advanced and up-to-date sources such as BOX News and the Internet. Chat rooms and evangelical blogs were preferred sources of information for 65% of respondents, while the remaining 35% preferred to have their opinions unencumbered by any information whatsoever.


After Reading The Master and Margarita


Master of the legerdemain

Auteur de haute conscience

I salute you, Bulgakov

who beneath the subterfuge and the downtrodden

beneath all the writers crushed beneath the yoke of Stalin

Pilate, or Dionysius the Greek

beneath the sheer unbearable heaviness of being

you manage to transfuse with fitting words

what we fear, here on the other side

of the system's edge, but cannot speak


The Next Generation


The ancient fleets sit in the harbour

wrapped in black covers

like evil gods.

Pandora plucks the string

and the contagion is let loose

into the green world:

birthday presents for Moloch and Ahriman

Kali and Ereshkigal.


On the decks of the supercarriers --

flat decks for Nazguls --

a thousand Harriers lift off like killer bees

to swarm the command posts and strafe the villages

while the big guns aboard the Super Hornets

flying at almost twice the speed of sound

drop their payloads of death.


The Fire That Still Burns


Your hand stretches toward the heavens

to fire the imagination and light the way

for the huddled masses

the wretched and the poor.

Yet Oh my God in the thundering cloud

who lit the napalm flame

and closed the door?

Statue of Liberty ca. 1900 (Wikipedia)

Statue of Liberty ca. 1900 (Wikipedia)