The Pulse


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Characters are listed alphabetically by location, ages are given as of 2018, and major characters are in caps

Earth: Paris, Italy, BC, Alberta, New York

Outer Space: Lactar8, Baulopolis, The Purple Pulse, The Black Pulse, Misc.



Antoine (38) - an instructor at the Sorbonne — Martine’s ex-fiancé

Balazan (533) - a Baulian integration specialist — helps orient Madame Dupont

Conrad (d. 2017, at 91) - an English scholar from Oxford — married for 59 years to Madame Dupont

HORSEFLY (152) - a young adult shape-shifter from the planet Dalitis in the cosmos of the Frozen Skiff; he falls in love with Tarandafilla from the Pink Sea

KENNETH (34) - an Oxford scholar lecturing at the Collège de France in the Latin Quarter

MADAME DUPONT (84) - a widow and holocaust survivor — previously married to Conrad

MARTINE (29) - a doctoral student and ex-actress — romantically involved with Kenneth

Tarandafilla (152) - a young adult Vallorian (from the galaxy of Vallorità in the cosmos of the Pink Sea) who falls in love with Horsefly


LUCIA (20) - an art student from Parma who moves to Florence and visits Rome

SANDRA (19) - a Canadian who studies in Geneva and visits Rome

British Columbia

Baulixia (18) - a Baulomorph from France who works as a maid in Matthew’s temporary apartment

Beelzebannur (401) - a Baulian integration specialist who helps orient Matthew

BERRY (26) - a UBC grad student who was born on Earth yet was infracted at age 13 to become a Baulian

CYNTHIA (26) - a student of environmental science at UBC; Sylvia’s friend

Dr. Rexroth (‘Old Rex’) (65) - an English professor at UBC

Emily & Charlotte (20 & 22) - friends of Sylvia & Cynthia at UBC

Juniper (26) - a UBC grad student

MATTHEW (31) - a UBC student and aspiring writer

SYLVIA (21) - a UBC student of environmental science


ANTONIO (62) - a rebel from The Black Pulse who seduces Beatrice

BEATRICE (18) - the belle of the prairies

GUSFREUDE (97) - Beatrice’s grandmother who lives in Eden Valley

Prester John (27) - a priest in the town of Vulcan

New York

CURTIS RUFUS (53) - an American historian

FRANCINE (40) - a French diplomat who is married to Remy

Jenny & Sam (10 &11) - the children of Remy & Francine

Meaghan & Kristy (18 & 19) - students

REMY (43) - a lawyer who is married to Francine


Lactar8 (planet)

Glontar (390) - the Lactari rebel who writes stories about alien life forms

K (d. 2015, at 240) - an elderly Lactari who is the first of his species to see evidence of alien life

Baulopolis (capital city, on Baulis Prime)

RABLANAR (520) - a Fractal Mystic who warns the Fractal Masters about their vulnerability

The Purple Pulse Universe

Vicino Concordia (capital) - Vicino Prossimo (planet) - Vicino Lontano (galaxy)

The Anunnaki (ages unknown) - the most powerful beings in the Vicinese Union

The Bright Council (1500+) - 30 Vicinese experts who live on the Golden Hill on Vicino Concordia; they co-ordinate between the Anunnaki, the universities and research centres, and the Great Parliament

GALDRIMERA (1500+) - a Magnet Dreamer who gives shocking news to the Bright Council

The Black Pulse Universe

Fallar Discordia (capital) - Fallar Prime (planet) - Fallar Ultima (galaxy)

Antonio (62) - a rebel from The Black Pulse who seduces Beatrice

The Black Horde (ages unknown) - the most powerful beings in the Black Pulse Dominion

  • Knifestream - chief controller of the Game on the planet of Die

  • Gascitar and Kaldriscat - allies against Knifestream

Coccarider - a Fallixian who is the most skilled player of the Game on the planet of Die

Diamarus - the head croupier of the game on the planet of Die

FARENN OF CALDEMAR (790) - a philosopher whose counsel is sought by the demon saints of the Black Horde

Misc. - Assorted Aliens, etc.

The Seamers & the Reapers (ages unknown) - beings in The Vast Field, a realm visited by Galdrimera

The Soul Star - home to a near-infinity of ‘souls’ - the subject of great speculation by intergalactic astronomers

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Table of Contents - Chart of Contents - Characters - Glossary - Maps